Our Classes

Garioch Gymnastics is a Scottish Gymnastics registered bespoke full-time facility that offer gymnastics classes run by experienced and fully qualified coaches.

We aim to make gymnastics accessible to all, beginning at pre-school age to adults. Our programme provides a foundation for any sport by facilitating the development of balance, flexibility, coordination, strength, power and speed.

Most importantly Gymnastics can develop resilience and confidence, creating an individual who is well equipped to face life’s challenges.

Which class are you looking for?


Our Pre-school Classes are from age 0 – 5 years. Children within this age group have a wide range of developmental stages and needs. To ensure we can benefit every child to their best ability we have split our Pre-school section into 5 different classes.

Please read on below.

Garioch Gyminis

0 – 5 years, Drop In Sessions

These sessions cater for babies and toddlers who can use the gym to play and explore in a safe environment. Gyminis is not a coached or structured session, instead it is free play under the supervision of the adults who are with their children. Sessions are currently on Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons. The class will finish with ‘song time’ and the children are awarded with a sticker.

Garioch Gym Cubs

0 – 18 months, Baby Session

Gym Cubs structured developmental classes provide an interactive, physical movement and fun, safe space to be active and bond with your baby. Our classes are led by fully qualified coaches and are overseen by our very own midwife and coach. Each session will be themed, with activities, songs, together time and explore time in our fun and safe environment.

Garioch Gym Joey’s

18 months – 3 years, Adult and Toddler Session

Our Adult and Toddler sessions encourage parents to have fun with their young children in a safe and stimulating gymnastics environment. These classes are a 45 minute structured class led by fully qualified Garioch coaches. Each session is themed with Musical warm ups, Hand apparatus, fun, colourful circuits and calming cool downs being all part of the fun.

Garioch Gym Juniors

3 – 5 years, Unaccompanied Session

The classes are to teach children the fundamental skills of gymnastics in a fun and playful way. Each class will begin with ‘together time’, followed by time on the equipment and finishing with ‘together time’ in which each child then receives a sticker. At the end of each term the children receive a certificate of achievement for covering the fundamental skills of gymnastics e.g. speed & agility, jumping etc.

Children in our Gym-Juniors classes are automatically given priority for a place in the Recreational classes once they reach maximum age and are starting primary 1.

Pre-school Timetable

Classes take place in Units 3/4 Craigearn Business Park, Morrison Way, Kintore, AB51 0TH.

To contact preschool, please email: preschool@gariochgymnastics.com, or call: 07852 615835

Inclusive Classes

These classes are run in partnership with Inverurie Day Centre. Participants will take part in a gentle warm up and stretch before having time on our equipment. Our disability trained coaches adapt the circuits to best suit the needs of each participant, ensuring everyone can benefit and enjoy each station.

Our circuits will always benefit fine and gross motor skills and have sensory elements. Each participant will also have the opportunity to have trampoline time with our lead disability coach, providing a sensory and positive physical experience. We finish the class with a fun dance and active stretch.

For more information contact info@gariochgymnastics.com.


Garioch Gymnastics Club offers recreational classes for boys & girls aged 4+ and at school. At these 1-hour classes we aim to develop a child’s body awareness, co-ordination, balance, strength, flexibility, and basic gymnastics’ skills.

Having acquired these basic skills, each child will be offered the training opportunities best suited to their natural ability, potential and personality.

Boys and girls are welcome to take part in as many recreational classes as they wish as long as spaces are available. If a space is not available, gymnasts will go on the waiting list for that particular class and will be offered a space once one becomes available.

At our main base in Kintore the Recreational Classes are separated into age groups.

Shooting Stars

4 - 8 years

Bright Stars

8 - 11 years

Super Stars

11+ years

Junior Boys

4 - 8 years

Senior Boys

8+ years

Terrific Tumbling

7+ years

Terrific Tumbling is a class most suitable for gymnasts who have already attended gymnastics classes and have the basic gymnastics skills such as rolls, cartwheels and handstands at a competent level and are looking to focus progression of skills in tumbling. These skills include round offs, flips, handsprings, aerial etc. These sessions will focus on the physical and preparatory skills to achieve tumbling.

Please note each child will be assessed individually for their suitability to undertake this class.

Strength and Conditioning

7+ years

Our strength & conditioning classes are designed to help improve sports performance and minimise the risk of injury. We do this by developing better movement patterns. Our main focus is on speed, agility, balance, core stability, plyometrics and body weight training.

Recreational Timetable

All classes will take place in Units 3/4 Craigearn Business Park, Morrison Way, Kintore, AB51 0TH.

All participants will be allocated into a Bubble of 8 gymnasts named A, B C, D, E

To contact Head of Recreational Denise Redfern email: recreation@gariochgymnastics.com or call 07852 615 768

Satellite Classes

Garioch Gymnastics Satellite classes. We currently run additional recreational gymnastics classes in Alford, Ellon, Insch and Inverurie. Children must be 4 and at school to attend the satellite classes.

If you would like more information please contact: recreation@gariochgymnastics.com

Adult 16+ Class

Adult Gymnastics class is suitable for beginners right up to ex-gymnasts. This class combines strength, conditioning and flexibility with gymnastics skills and access to most of our equipment. You will follow a tailored programme to your level and ability. You can book this class by clicking Join Now below.

Adult 16+ Class every Thursday 8:20pm-9:20pm.

If you book this class weekly, the price per class is £7. If you pay on arrival at the class, the cost will be £7.50.


There has been a huge improvement in standard in recent years and we intend to further improve our gymnastics at all ages & standards. As of 2018 Garioch can boast they coach the very first artistic gymnast to represent their country at the Commonwealth Games when Izzy Tolometti represented team Scotland at the Gold Coast.

Selection and Progression

Girls (and beginner’s competition boys) are selected for the competitive sections of the club if they demonstrate high potential either in the recreational classes or in the Annual Open trials. The trials are purely for identifying talented children and do not fill the recreational classes. If your child shows potential, depending on age, they will be asked to trial with one of the following groups:

Mini Squad

4 - 6 year old girls

For girls who show potential for competitive gymnastics.
Training is 3.5 hours per week.

Start Squad

5 - 8 year old girls

For girls who show potential to move into competitive gymnastics.
Training is 4.5 hours a week

Advanced Squad

7+ year old girls and boys

For girls and boys who compete at beginners 2-piece (Floor & Vault) Competitions.
Training is 1.5 hours extra hour on top of their usual recreational class.

Novice Squad

7+ year old girls

For girls who compete at 2-piece (Floor and Vault) competitions.
Training is 6 hours per week.

Elite and Performance Squad

6+ year old girls

These classes cater for girls who compete at 4-piece competitive gymnastics (Floor, Vault, Asymmetric Bars, and Beam).
Training starts at 10.5 hours per week.

Garioch Gymnastics Merchandise

You will find all the items on our website, available to your gymnast on Love Admin.  Please order, choose your size and pay through the Love Admin System.

Items are ordered at the end of each month and will take a few weeks to arrive.  Leotards have to be ordered 8 weeks in advance so please bear this in mind when ordering.

You will be emailed when your order has arrived, please ask your coach for it at the beginning of your child’s session.

If it is a gift and you don’t want your child to see it, please email ggcadmin1@gariochgymnastics.com when ordering, also contact this email address for any other merchandise enquiries.

Order Deadline for Christmas is Thursday 26th November.