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We encourage children and adults of all abilities into healthy activity through gymnastics and gymnastics-related exercise.

We are a non-profit Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO).
Everything we do is to the benefit of our participants.

Garioch Gymnastics Club is one of the most successful clubs in Scotland. Set up 34 years ago with only a handful of participants, the club has expanded so much that our precious home facility in Inverurie became too small, prompting our move to our much larger full time facility in Kintore.

In addition to our main facility, we reduce your carbon footprint by providing satellite gymnastics classes around Aberdeenshire: from Ellon to Insch, and Alford to Kemnay.

Our coaching team works tirelessly with all our participants to enable them to fulfil their potential and meet their aspirations.

Our Team


Janine Robertson

Club Manager and High Performance Coach

“Gymnastics – what’s not to love! I fell in love with the sport at 10 and never lost it. Regardless of ability I believe it’s the best sport in the world to develop physically literate children. My desire is to coach & help provide a facility to enable this to happen.”

Cathy Osborne

Head of Competitive, High Performance Coach, National Judge, Coach – Trampoline

“I love seeing the engagement on a kid’s face with a sense of achievement of a new skill, whether its their first cartwheel or first double somersault, its great to see a child’s goal achieved.”

Denise Redfern

Head of Recreational and acting Head of Pre-School

“Gymnastics is a passion for me not just a job. I love seeing the kids develop at all ages.”

Trish Swan

Head Coach and Club Coach

“I absolutely love the sport – the technical and challenging nature of it & the sense of achievement for both gymnast and coach. Seeing this sport help to develop self-motivation, determination and resilience in gymnasts is so encouraging as a coach.”


Emmy Bull

Senior Coach, Pre-school Coach, Trampoline Level 3

Jane Grattidge

Club Coach and Pre-school Coach

“I love the fun, excitement & giggles of pre-school and encouraging the hard work and determination of the Novice squad in achieving new moves.”

Tina Allan-Cook

Club Coach and Pre-school Coach

“Coaching gymnastics is a rewarding, enjoyable and addictive job! I love to watch the progression of gymnasts especially through the early years and how excited they get when they achieve new skills. It’s a lot of fun but also challenging – always thinking of ways to encourage them to become confident to overcome barriers.”

Marshia Peel

Coach and Pre-school Coach

“I love the look on children’s faces when they achieve a goal. My absolute favourite is the fun we have as a team in pre-school, fostering an early love of gymnastics and exercise.”

Brodie Marno

Coach and Pre-school Coach

“As a pre-school and Woman’s Artistic coach I really enjoy watching young gymnasts grow and love the sport like I do.”

Megan Lawrence

Coach and Pre-school Coach

“When I did gymnastics it was where I always had fun and made memories and I want to make the same environment for the next generation. There is no better job than one you find fun.”

Izzy Tolometti

Coach and Commonwealth Games Gymnast

Allyson Davidson


Islay Grant

Coach & Preschool coach

Amy Orr


Jacqueline Ross

Assistant Coach and Pre-school Assistant Coach

“Best job ever! It’s an absolute privilege working for the club. I love working with children & helping them develop their love for gymnastics.”

Hannah Redfern

Assistant Coach & Preschool assistant coach

“I love working with children & now get to enjoy gymnastics both as a gymnast and a coach.”

Kirsten Wood

Assistant Coach & Assistant Preschool coach

Anna Gordon

Assistant Coach

“I love coaching because I can share my passion for gymnastics with others and be a positive, encouraging figure in their lives.”

Kirstin Matthew

Assistant Coach

“I like seeing the  joy on children’s faces when they  perfect a new skill.”

Camilla Florentsdottir

Assistant Coach

Amy Duncan

Assistant Coach

Sophie Wilson

Assistant Coach

Rebecca-Ann Greig

Assistant Coach

Freddy Henderson

Assistant Coach

Lily Black


Matangi Sankriti


Ruby Fraser


Kate Peel


Anna Fleming


Our Trustees

Janine Robertson

Trish Swan

Cathy Osborne

Adele Tolometti

Gary Tolometti

Alastair Robertson

Child Protection / Safeguarding

Garioch Gymnastics Club is committed to ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of all our gymnasts, staff, and volunteers. In doing so we follow Scottish Gymnastics guidance regarding safeguarding and have in place a club handbook and codes of conduct for parents, gymnasts and staff which must be adhered to. In addition, we have several policies and procedures in place relating to equity, privacy, data protection, health & safety, complaints & grievances, use of cameras and risk assessments which all help to protect our staff and gymnasts and ensure a safe environment for all. If you wish to access any of these policies and procedures, please contact Janine Robertson –

Wendy Wilson

Safeguarding Officer