One Team, One Dream

where everyone can Glitter!

Mini Squad

Our mini squad group is where the love of the sport really begins! The girls in this group are 4 -5 years old who show potential for competitive gymnastics and train 2 days a week.

Start Squad

Girls in this group are aged 5-8 years who show potential for beginners competitions and more advanced events in the future. Training two days a week the girls get taught skills along with strength and flexibility exercises.

Advanced Squad

Our advanced squad group are made up of gymnasts who attend twice a week. These are gymnasts, mainly from our recreational classes who show potential to take part in beginner floor and vault competitions.

Novice Class

Gymnasts in the Novice class meet twice a week focusing on floor and vault competitions but train on all equipment. Our novice girls are successful at both regional and national beginner and intermediate level competitions. This is only achievable through attendance and hard work.


Our performance gymnasts are aged 6+ years and train between 7 & 10 hours per week. The girls compete successfully at National and invitational events.


Our elite gymnasts are aged 6+ years and train between 10 & 23 hours per week. Many of the elite squad are members of National squad and have represented Scotland at British and International events. The girls in this squad will have a gradual increase in training hours as they mature and develop as gymnasts.

Home of the 
Garioch Glitter Girls!

Izzy Tolometti

Home of the Junior Scottish Champion 2014


British Senior Challenge Cup Champion 2016